Online monitoring of the thermal process of waste to energy plants


During the thermal treatment of waste the properties of the fuel are highly variable locally and temporally. For an optimal combustion process, high boiler service life and defined steam production the operational settings are continually adjusted automatically to the time varying combustion conditions.



  • Visualization of the combustion process in the control room
  • Optimization of the burning areas to obtain an optimal fire-position by calibrated temperature measuring technology
  • Give real measurement values to the process control software.
  • Achievement of a constant combustion zone on the grate



Infrared furnace camera PYROINC 380F with automatic transfer device.

The PYROINC 380F is used to determine the fuel temperatures on the grate. The use of an infrared spectral filter (3.9μm) provides a visual and radiometric transparency in the furnace. The measured temperature values are recorded in real time and transmitted to the process control system. Here are details on the fire location per grate, imbalance of fire location, location of the main combustion zone, the main combustion zone area, location of burn-out and location of the ignition curve is defined. The process control system is thus able to react immediately and individually to the combustion process. The system works fully automatically and maintenance poor.


Online process control of the fire position



Visualization and forwarding of the fire positon by text information and

analogous values into the SPS.