Already in 1973 the firm CMV Hoven Messtechnik was founded. The target was the integration of high-quality measuring sensors in industrial applications. The product-range includes measuring equipment and electrical sensors for temperature, force, pressure, distance and electro-magnetic fields as well as mobile camera-technology for corona-detection in high voltage plants.

In the course of the years, infrared cameras for the industrial process- and production-control were developed (especially in the high-temperature sector from 400°C up to 2.000°C) and successfully employed in several plants. So in 1998 the quickest uncooled infrared-camera of the whole world (HRP-250) was developed in cooperation with DIAS Infrared GmbH.

In the year 2000 the companies DIAS Infrared GmbH, Sobotta GmbH and CMV Hoven GmbH commonly developed an infrared camera with a combustion chamber probe and flame filter. This camera is able to constantly measure the temperature in the background through the flames (24 hours/day, 365 days/year).

In 2005 the strongly growing product line “infrared process measuring technology” was liberated from CMV Hoven GmbH, and the company CMV Systems GmbH & Co. KG was founded.

Our infrared product line especially stands out for areas where most difficult conditions demand for an application of this technology.

So we specialized in the application of heat-image-technology for burning processes in smelting plants for steel and glass as well as especially in garbage incineration plants and coal power stations.

For the constructors of garbage incineration- and EBS-combustion-plants these infrared cameras are the “key” for an optimization of the fire capacity-control and reduction of pollution.

Since early 2006 these cameras are applied in power plants too. In the Rhenish lignite-fired power plants a wall-section of approx. 7.000 m² per boiler is controlled for slagging. An automatic controlling system then is directing the water lance blowers for the boiler cleaning according to the actual requirement.

CMV Systems GmbH & Co. KG disposes of several patents for these techniques, some of them are protected worldwide. With a group of specialists of our main office in Mönchengladbach and branch offices in Munich and Rostock we offer allround-solutions, starting with conceptions, feasibility-studies, software-developments as well as hardware- and protection-equipment up to setting into operation, training and maintenance.

CMV Systems GmbH & Co. KG is the world market leader for infrared systems in combustion chambers and can display numerous installations all over the word.

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