Process Monitoring aluminum recycling


During recycling of scrap aluminium in all forms, the delivered mixed scrap is melted in high-volume ovens (rotary kilns) with the addition of chloride salts and fluorspar at about 650-700 ° C under the constant movement of the furnace.

At the end of the reflow process, the liquid aluminium is tapped, so that the slag is separated from the aluminium.

The end of the reflow process is dependent on the experience of the operator. Based on the residence time, the torque of the furnace as well as a visual inspection by interrupting the process of time of tapping is determined.



  • Visualization of the process
  • Temperature profile indication during the process
  • Integration of the measured values in a master control system



Infrared furnace camera PYROINC 380LF in the fixed installation.

With the PYROINC 380LF with a specifically wavelength for the use in the atmosphere of aluminium recycling furnace, the operator now has the possibility to monitor the condition and temperature of the raw material online. The timing of the tapping can now be determined using the existing parameters and the optical control in connection with the material temperature without interrupting the process. The advantage is the time and energy-saving, since the melting process can be conducted without interruption. Likewise, a documentation of the melting process with subsequent quality control is possible.



CCD Camera: view through the oven very low
Infrared Image: Good visibility through the furnace in spite of high dust content.

Infrared image: view into the oven at the beginning of the recycling process, burner in operation. Clearly recognizable the outlines of the raw material.

Diagram: Temperature profile over time (approx. 4 hours).
Graph: temperature curve over time (approx. 4 hours). Blue curve = material; Yellow curve = Burner