Online monitoring of the furnace tubes in steam cracker and reformer furnaces


The cracking furnace is a pipe reactor with pipe coils of about 90-120 mm inside diameter and 60-80 m length. The pipe coils are located in a burner-heated furnace. The design of the tube reactor (the furnace) is tailored to the characteristics of the product, the reactor tubes being a substantial and cost-intensive component of the plant. The reaction (cracking) occurs, depending on the product (e.g. ethane, LPG, naphtha or atmospheric gas oil) between 1470°F and 1650°F (800°C and 900°C).



Infrared combustion furnace camera PYROINC in fixed installation with traversing device. Online temperature monitoring ensures the following advantages:

  • Improvement in output through online temperature monitoring of the reactor wall tubes (TWT)
  • Increased service life of the reactor tubes by online temperature monitoring
  • Longer travel time, less unplanned stops by online monitoring
  • Reduction of potential hazards for employees by online monitoring from afar
  • Process optimization through long-term data comparisons within the software.
  • Monitoring the burner function (temperature, expansion, flame behaviour, changeover)
  • Signal transmission and alarm output to higher-level process control system

This simplifies the control and optimization of the process; Irregularities can be recognized in the best case at an early stage in order to take countermeasures. Temperature values can also be monitored and, if necessary, transferred to a higher-level process control system for optimization.

Infrared furnace camera PYROINC:

The PYROINC are special and extremely robust thermal imaging cameras that are used to measure high temperatures between 750°F and 3270°F (400°C and 1800°C). They have a motorically focusable borescope optics with protective windows. Camera and borescope optics are housed in a water-cooled probe jacket.

The IR radiation inlet has a very small diameter and is air-purged. Thus, the probe cooling jacket can be inserted directly into the combustion chamber through an opening. Together with an automatic retraction device, it is ensured that the system withstands the high temperatures and special requirements at the site. Depending on the specific application, the cameras measure in different spectral ranges. Different optics and distractions are also available. The 2D infrared sensors used allow for large, continuous temperature ranges. For visualization and further processing of the measured values, the PYROINC are transmitted in real time via Ethernet.




  • One large temperature measuring range
  • Industrial durabilityPyroinc-Front
  • Automatic retraction unit
  • Borescope optics with motorfocus
  • Application-specific infrared filters
  • Cooled probe lens
  • Patented air purge
  • Explosion protection with ATEX certification


Infrared camera with automatic
emergency retraction.



Control and monitoring unit for
furnace camera with optional
cooling unit.



Water cooled PYROINC with purging
air and automatic retraction unit.