Flame Temperature Distribution 2D (FTD-2D)

Measurement of Temperature Distribution in Furnaces

Continuous online-measurement of temperature distribution in furnaces for optimizing firing operation:

  • Monitoring average and maximum temperature at furnace exit to avoid slagging of convective heat exchangers or to give alarm if the temperature falls below the minimum temperature
  • Correction of strong flame-asymmetries to avoid asymmetric thermal stress and/or slagging of heat exchangers
  • SNCR-control


Principle of Measurement

  • Measurement of radiation intensity of CO2- absorption band or measurement of radiation intensity of luminous flames at two different wavelengths in Near Infrared
  • Tomography determination of temperature
  • distribution by sensors positioned in net shape



  • 6-12 pyrometers Metis MF11 or Metis MY45 distributed around the furnace
  • Industrial-PC for data acquisition, tomography computations, visualization, giving alarms and interface to process control
  • Small optical access to furnace (15-40mm)
  • Low air-consumption (approx. 2 m³/h per sensor)
  • Measurement without any time-lag, t90 adjustable ( ≥ 0,2 s)



2D-temperature distribution of flue gas at first duct, waste incinerator, fixed bed.

Without control
With control of secondary air basing on online-measurement of temperature distribution

Pyrometer with air purge
tube and shock