Infra-Red Furnace Cleaning Control (IR-FCC)

Detection of Slagging of Furnace Walls and Wall Blower Control


Detection of slagging of furnace walls and lowest heating surface banks to control wall blower operation.


Principle of Measurement and Advantages

Thermography imaging of furnace walls by IR-Camera (3,9µm-Flamefilter):

  • Detection of position and intensity of slagging by high surface temperature even at reduced image quality due to transparency of furnace atmosphere
  • Transparency of furnace atmosphere in IR better than in VIS-range
  • Good geometric resolution



  • IR-Cameras PYROINC 320 / 380
  • Furnace optic (view tilted by 60°)
  • Automatic camera operation (turning, moving)
  • Scanning of furnace walls by turning the furnace optic, rectification and geometric assignment
  • Control of wall blowers
  • Number of cameras depends on furnace geometry and transparency of atmosphere.
  • Easy maintainance
RTEmagicC_IR-FCC_eng2.jpg IR-FCC_eng_3








1) Scanning of furnace by turning the furnace opric
2) Rectification and geometric assignment
3) Definition of wall blower figures
4) Control of wall blowers

Camera Intastallation with
automatic camera moving





Positions of cameras
and fields of view